The Heidelberg School Bibliography

The following bibliography of books and video recordings relating to the Heidelberg School is intended as a guide to those researching this period of Australian Art History.

Many of the books included in this bibliography have themselves substantial bibliographies and provide leads to the numerous articles that have been written on this subject.

This bibliography has been arranged in two parts. The first part is an alphabetical listing of general books and video recordings on the Heidelberg School, including a number of reference books that contain entries on specific artists. The second part is an alphabetical listing of books and video recordings relating to specific artists of the Heidelberg School, with entries under each artist arranged alphabetically.

It is intended that this bibliography will be regularly updated, as further publications are located and produced. Publishers and authors please note that a review page will be provided on this web site for all new publications relevant to the Heidelberg School.

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Astbury, Leigh City Bushmen: The Heidelberg School and The Rural Mythology / Leigh Astbury
Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1985

Astbury, Leigh Sunlight and shadow: Australian Impressionist painters 1880-1900 / Leigh Astbury
Sydney: Bay Books, 1989

Australian Art and Architecture: Essays Presented to Bernard Smith / edited by T. Smith & A. Bradley Melbourne: Oxford University Press, 1980

Australian Dictionary of Biography [multi-volume work, various editors]
Carlton, Vic.: Melbourne University Press, [various dates]
[Entries on specific artists]

Australian Dictionary of Biography: volumes 1-12, 1788-1939 [computer file]
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assisting the editor, Veronica Burns Macdougall 6th ed.
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an exhibition and catalogue commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Box Hill-Doncaster Regional Library Box Hill, Vic.: Box Hill-Doncaster Regional Library, 1990

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compiled by Robin Brown, edited by Richard Appleton, foreword by Manning Clark
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Victoria Hammond and Juliet Peers 2nd ed
Hawthorn East, Vic.: Artmoves, 1992

Hammond, Victoria Completing the picture: Women Artists & The Heidelberg Era
[Slide Resource Kit for Art and Australian History and Australian Studies] -
131 page booklet and 42 slides of works by 15 women artists of the Heidelberg Era
Parkdale, Vic.: Artmoves Inc., 1992

The Heidelberg School Artists’ Trail /
interview along the trail, with Andrew Mackenzie talking about the trail to Mike Hamilton [video recording] Channel 7: Today-Tonight, 13th June 1997

Heidelberg Since 1836: A Pictorial History / edited by Cyril R. Cummins
Heidelberg: Heidelberg Historical Society, 1971

Heritage: The National Women’s Art Book, 500 works by 500 Australian women artists from colonial times to 1955 /
edited by Joan Kerr [Sydney]: Art and Australia;
Distributed by Craftsman House, 1995

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written and narrated by Patrick McCaughey
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introduction and notes on the collection by Patrick McCaughey;
notes on the collection by Jack Manton
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Masterpieces of the National Gallery of Victoria / edited by Ursula Hoff; text by Ursula Hoff, Alan McCulloch, Joan Lindsay; with an introduction by Daryl Lindsay
Melbourne: Cheshire, 1949

A Memorial Volume to Howard Hinton, patron of art / edited by R.H. Goddard et al.
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Moore, William The Story of Australian Art from the earliest known art of the continent to the art of today 2v. Sydney: Angus and Robertson, 1934

The 9 x 5 Impression Exhibition: opened August 17, 1889 at Buxton’s Rooms.
Cover illustrations by Charles Conder [1889]

Nunan, W.F. History of Mount Eagle
Heidelberg, Victoria, 1968

‘Old Friends’ – a private viewing / exhibition of memorabilia items and artworks of the Heidelberg School artists, Arthur Streeton, Tom Roberts, Frederick McCubbin and Walter Withers, curated by Andrew Mackenzie
Doncaster Gallery 2nd – 27th September, 1992 25th Birthday Celebrations,
City of Doncaster and Templestowe

Painting people [video recording] – Tom Roberts
Sydney: Film Australia, 1985

Pearce, Barry A Century of Australian Landscape – Mood and Moment
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Adelaide: Art Gallery of South Australia, 1984

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An Exhibition of Women in the Landscape Painted at the Turn of the Century
Ballarat: Ballarat Fine Art Gallery, 1974

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South Yarra, Vic.: Lloyd O’Neil, 1986

Splatt, William A Treasury of Australian landscape painting / William Splatt and Barbara Burton
Adelaide: Rigby, 1977

Stuart, Elizabeth Impressionism
Melbourne: Lothian, 1993

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editor Frank McDonald [New ed.]
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[exhibition concept and selection Helen Topliss]
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Melbourne: Hawthorn Press, 1947

Von Guerard to Wheeler: the first teachers at the National Gallery School, 1870-1939:
the Victorian College of the Arts Gallery, 6-21 April, 1978
Melbourne: Victorian College of the Arts, 1978

Whitelaw, Bridget Australian Landscape Drawing, 1830-1880 in the National Gallery of Victoria
Melbourne: National Gallery of Victoria, 1976


Left: Arthur Streeton - Above Us The Great Grave Sky, 1890
Collection: National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

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